Easel Backs (Easel Back) Table Top Graphic Displays

SKU: 614j18k-220j23k2-312j28k2 $29.95
Need a sturdy Easel Back to prop up your marketing graphic at a trade show or at your company's conference? Well... HERE IT IS! One of our most popular sellers, it's the EASEL BACK! We have to admit, we keep hundreds of these easel backs around our office since we continually attend trade shows and marketing events. And they're SO easy to use. Just line up your graphic with the easel back, peel the tape...and STICK IT! Then you can send/mail/deliver or install by simply pulling out the bottom corner. It fits into a groove and Bam.. you have an instant table top display! Comes in three different flavors: 7 inch pack of 50, 12 inch pack of 50 and 15 inch pack of 50. Please choose your flavor in our shopping cart. And, thank you for shopping with Lets Go Banners!