Backdrop, Oversize and Huge Vinyl Banners

SKU: Backdrop $237.00

Is your company holding a celebrity photo opt? Or are you looking to provide "background branding" by using a backdrop banner? Or maybe your models need a runway banner? Choose from Lets Go Banners line of over-sized and backdrop banners today!

Your custom over-sized banner is produced with eco-solvent colorful inks that resist fading. Choose from several different options including:

  • Affixed seems (1" seems around the perimeter of your banner to provide additional strength when hanging. Please note- 1" is subtracted from finished dimensions when choosing this option.) If you need an exact finish with seems, please call 866-267-5814 to place your order.
  • Grommets - add metallic grommets for additional strength when hanging. Grommets are placed approximately every 24 inches.
  • Overlaminate - if you're trying to get the most life out of your banner, consider having us provide a protective overlaminate to enhance the life of your banner. Provides extra protection from wind, sun, and rain.
  • Wind cuts - have us add wind cuts to allow wind to travel through your banner.

Design Options:

  • Upload or email your own design (download our banner template and file information)
  • Choose our layout package. We'll size and place your logo/artwork plus choice of text. Up to two changes allowed after intial layout.
  • Choose our custom design package. You'll be able to direct our customer service team and allow us to do the rest. Billed at $67 per hour.

Banner Sizes: Choose from many different sizes (see chart above.)

Banner Hanging Kit: Add a banner hanging kit for easy display of your banner. Includes:

  • Twist ties
  • 20 feet of rope

Display options: choose from one of our several display frames (see below.) Please note- over-sized banners are seemed approximately very 48 inches overlapping. Normally does not impact graphics.

Oversize Banner

Oversize Banner 2