Aspen Fabric Frame Seven Foot Wide (by different dimmensions tall)

SKU: AF7 $127.00

Order your Aspen Fabric Frame system and experience a new level of professionalism and versatility. Your fabric edges press into the sleek frame making graphic change-out a breeze. Choose from a variety of height and width configurations (single and double-sided). Optional mounting accessories can transform your system into a floor, ceiling, or wall display.

Your selection is for a Seven Foot Wide Aspen Fabric Frame configuration. (Choose your height above.) Base price is for horizontal frames only (add vertical frames above.) Need help deciding? Call today: 866-267-5814 or press "Live Chat."

Size: 7 foot wide by X foot tall
Dislay type options:

  • Wall-Mounted (with wall mount optional hardware)
  • Ceiling (with optional ceiling hook accessory)
  • Floor (choose from three different tpes of "feet" accessories)

Print Material: Deco Display Fabric

Shipping weight:

  • 2' frame = 3 pounds
  • 3' frame = 5 pounds
  • 4' frame = 7 pounds
  • 5' frame = 7 pounds
  • 6' frame = 9 pounds
  • 7' frame = 11 pounds
  • 8' frame = 12 pounds